Availability, Scalability, Performance, Accessibility, Security, Capex, Faster time to market – All reasons lead to the Cloud. However, most companies struggle to take that initial step. Existing systems, architecture, business processes, and IT personnel who are your assets appear to be obstacles to embrace the power of the Cloud. Appearances are deceptive and often misleading.

We are here as your trusted advisor and partner in your Cloud journey to help you not only take the initial step but continue with you on every step of digital transformation. Now, that’s a loaded statement you hear from every consulting organization. We would like to be specific about what we do and what expertise we can bring

  1. Cloud Strategy: Complete assessment of your existing IT environment and what it takes to move to the Cloud. What Cloud provider you need to choose? What Cloud services are a good fit? What workloads do you need to move to the cloud and when? What would your monthly bill look like? Do you really need multi-cloud? What are your options if you want to move back to an on-prem data center?
  2. Cloud Migration: You have done your assessment and are ready to migrate your workloads to the cloud provider of your choice. Our engineers can help you quickly lift and shift. We will help you configure images to provision resources for your workloads.
  3. Cloud Economics: Not every workload requires an expensive solution or licenses. We will provide you with detailed visualizations to help you understand your Cloud bill and options to reduce that bill.